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What We Believe

As Episcopalians, we are followers of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  • We uphold the Bible and worship with the Book of Common Prayer.
  • We strive to love our neighbors as ourselves and respect the dignity of every person.
  • We believe in the amendment of life, the forgiveness of sin, and life everlasting.
  • Holy Communion may be received by all baptized Christians, not only members of the Christ Episcopal Church.
  • We affirm that committed relationships are lifelong and monogamous. Episcopalians also recognize that there is grace after divorce and do not deny the sacraments to those who have been divorced.
  • All are welcome to find a spiritual home in the Christ Episcopal Church.

Excerpt from I am an Episcopalian

Church Office Hours
9 AM – 4 PM Mon – Thu
9 AM – 12 PM Fri




It is the duty of the Vestry to protect the properties of the Parish, to prepare a budget providing for the necessary requirements and expenditures of the Congregation, to regulate all its temporal concerns, to keep order in the church during the celebration of Divine worship, and in general, to act as helpers in whatever is appropriate to Lay Persons for the furtherance of the Church’s welfare.  Certain other duties are assigned to the Vestry in the Canons of the Diocese of Southwest Florida.  Vestry members are elected by communicant members of the congregation at the Annual Parish Meeting and serve staggered three year terms.

  • Chuck Howard
  • Hope Stephenson
    Senior Warden
  • Sandra Kopp
  • Lee Hooie
  • Janet Welch
    Junior Warden
  • Blake Hadley
  • Chuck Whitaker
  • Jane Reed
  • Barbara Boyce
  • Jennifer Miller
  • Bob Rupe
  • Vicki Tessmer